Grand Shopping Malls & Grand Hypermarkets

Over the past 16 years, the regency group has grown to become one among the leading retail management and distribution groups under brand name “Grand”. The group currently operates Grand Shopping Malls, Grand Hypermarkets and Grand Xpress in Middle East and India.

As a pioneering entrant in UAE, the group currently operates in Asian Continent with a presence in 27 Grand Retail outlets, over 60% of group turnover derives from retail. The group sees strong potential for further international growth in the future, particularly in such large national markets as CIS Countries and African continents


Grand Retail is actively committed in promoting local economic development. Since retail activities are all about contact with people, the group consistently emphasizes local recruitment plus management and staff training on the job wherever we work. Typically, the Grand Retail will be one among the leading private employers recruiting people from all around the continent. The group also seeks support from local suppliers, with maximum possible products on its shelves sourced locally, depending on the country of operation. Grand Retail procurement offices are established in different countries to procure quality products from the right sources.


Regency group is operating Grand Malls all around the continent with sprawling shop areas and parking facilities are a popular place to shops. We provide such kind of amenities within the malls to meet every needs of the shopping community, all our malls are equipped with an ambiance to make them the right hang out place. The mall environment is ready to cater the varying needs of different age groups with all modern entertainment facilities and lifestyle demands.

The malls infrastructure, flow of people movement and atmosphere, together with it’s promotions and marketing offers increases foot traffic, and are the driving factors that contribute to increased sale for retailers even while providing a vibrant shopping experience for the diverse mix of nationalities and communities that frequent it’s doors.


Our commitment to responsible retailing is an important business principle at all Grand outlets and part of what makes the company a welcome and respected guest where ever we go. Each Grand Outlet store focuses on meeting the needs of busy shoppers by providing a broad selection of fresh, high-quality products and services at everyday fair prices, along with speedy transactions and a clean, safe, friendly shopping environment.

One Major factor behind the success of Grand retail is due in part to the operations team, a talented group of individuals who have been able to effectively evaluate challenges and quickly respond to opportunities. And where ever we go we believe in delivering the best service irrespective of the socio cultural constrains.